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Neither a boy nor a girl wishes to appear with a whole thick fatty appearance in front of his friends and colleagues. This gives a very ugly look and everyone wants to lose this fat or any other reason of getting weight. Weight loss is a very common and debated subject as there are millions of people in the world who are not happy only due to their ‘weight'.

The physical and medical sciences that deal with the ‘weight loss' of anybody are of immense importance. The subjects are highly researched upon and many new ways and techniques of losing weight are established and used. Many of these ways and techniques are sometimes favorable and functional while others are not. The total mass of any living body is reduced by means of loss of fluid and body fat. There can be a number of diseases and factors that are responsible for the gain of weight. Those underlying diseases and factors are first studied and prescriptions and medications are made accordingly. On the other side of the coin, there are also people who deliberately increase their weight by taking fatty and other diet.

Everyone loves to lose his or her excessive weight, for which he/she is ready to pay any amount of money. But the true art of losing weight is hidden,
Everyone with an ugly or excessive belly wishes to get rid of it with the least expenses and consumption of medications.

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